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The Boxing Dictionary

Understanding the Language of the Sweet Science.

“Everyone should know that creating this book has been my lifelong passion.” – Jonn E. JaGozza

The Boxing Dictionary is a compilation of words and phrases that depict the raw emotions and actions of the ‘Sweet Science.’

TheBoxingDictionaryBecause of his love and reverence for the sport of Boxing, the author has spent over 15 years amassing and defining words and phrases related to the “Sweet Science” and incorporating them into book form. The Boxing Dictionary is a book with nearly 2000 entries revealing a hidden, almost secretive, language known by only a few in the “hurting business,” a.k.a. the sport of Boxing. This book is just like any other dictionary you’ll find, but again, very specific to the game of Boxing. First in the making, it defines “the language of the ring” as never done before, word by word, phrase by phrase. It showcases a colorful and descriptive language replete with instruction, advice and praise but also includes an abundance of insults, sarcasm and criticism. Boxing is a sport that draws from us, from our primitive souls, the most interesting, creative, but also bizarre remarks than any other sport in existence today. After all, who among us can sit and watch a championship–or any bout–without reacting to it in some way?  This is the language the author
has captured and revealed to you, the reader. – Buy Now! | Give Feedback!
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The Boxing Dictionary… the next best thing to being ringside.

The Dowser’s Legacy

The Dowser's Legacy Front CoverA story of friendship

A simple, heartfelt tale inspired by a true story. It’s the story of a man who moves his wife and young family to the depths of the northern woods of Colebrook, New Hampshire, to escape the madness of the suburbs of New York City. He befriends a reclusive, old dowser who becomes his guide and mentor as he teaches him about the vagaries of nature, the old customs of a forgone culture and lifestyle and, most importantly, about himself. This is a book that is intended to touch one’s heart and soul and bridge the gap between people’s differences–broaching generations, cultures and lifestyles by reaffirming the goodness often forgotten in others. This is a book that quietly celebrates the eternal bond of true friendship. – Buy Now! | Give Feedback!
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